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Dungeons and Dragons Part 8 Part Deux

Dungeons and Dragons Part 8 Part Deux

January 9, 2020

Second part of the last part.

Happy New Year!

Dungeons And Dragons Part 9

Dungeons And Dragons Part 9

December 10, 2019

Clearly GIE is on indefinite hiatus. Turns out people have jobs and families and can't always get online for two hours to argue about which LOTR film is best or whether Trump should be impeached. What we still have some time for is our continued DnD saga.

Quick update, our heroes are trapped in a down called Riverview and the King has sent his best soldier, The First Sword, to deal with the town. Riverview is locked down with all exits barred by soldiers, we pick up with The Legion of the Lost as they try to find their way out. 

Also, there were a lot of internet issues and one member in the game did not record their segment, so apologies for the occasional dead air. If it helps, just imagine someone talking about their skin flute and turning into more raspberry bushes.

I am, however, going to be relaunching the DnD episodes on a separate podcast in the future and will spend the next few months finding a new voice for Gap in Expertise.

Dungeons and Dragons: Part 7

Dungeons and Dragons: Part 7

August 18, 2019

As you can all probably tell, there's been a lack in content. I am working re-launching the podcast in the near future with something a bit more sustainable. We have one more "regular" podcast to release and until then, we still have a couple new episodes to the DnD saga. I'm primarily releasing them here at this point so we can remember what happened before we play again. If you've been enjoying them and following along, we will release what we have left here and will look to make a channel dedicated to our DnD. Or not, who knows, the world is a crazy place and I live next to a volcano sitting on a subduction plate ready to go.

Anyways, this episode is all about arguing, realizing that Tahr'eah hasn't been paying attention at all to the plot, and trying to lure out a single Orc with an illusion of a moist, but sickly dear.

Dungeons and Dragons: Part 6

Dungeons and Dragons: Part 6

June 4, 2019

"The Gang Gets Nowhere"


Dungeons and Dragons: Part 5

Dungeons and Dragons: Part 5

May 31, 2019

Hello and welcome back to Part 5! It is the first installment of our second live recording session, so you would expect we got our act together by now. Sadly no, but at least the sound quality is better!

We join our four heroes shortly after their recovery at the farmhouse, where a new foe approaches and raspberries still somehow make their way on the battlefield...

Dungeons and Dragons: Arrested Development

Dungeons and Dragons: Arrested Development

May 21, 2019

Welcome back to Gap in Expertise and our first journey through Dungeons and Dragons! This episode takes place after the battle on the farmstead and is a bit of a prologue to the second part in our journey.

We last left Kvelduf, Tahr'eah, Camlous, and North after a devastating battle with Captain Beltran against a horde of orcs. Like the ninja turtles regrouping in the country after Raphael was captured, our heroes need to recover, and rediscover who they are and why they chose to fight.

New episodes of our journey will be released soon!

Game of Thrones Deadpool Edition

Game of Thrones Deadpool Edition

April 12, 2019

Hello and welcome to our Game of Thrones Deadpool Edition! Like many of you we are on the edge of our seats awaiting the first episode of the final season of Game of Thrones. And also like many of you, we have our own theories of who will end up sitting on the Iron Throne. So to celebrate that, we bullshitted about it for an hour.

Who WILL sit on the Iron Throne? Who SHOULD sit on the Iron Throne? Who will prevail in Cleganebowl 2019? Will Brienne of Tarth take the eager and willing Tormund to bed? And many other questions will be debated.

At the 53:40 mark we also go through a speed round of all remaining characters and give our opinions on whether they will live, die, or perhaps become something else. 

Thanks for listening and be sure to share with your friends! If you would like to join our Deadpool, message us on our social media as well! Valar morghulis!

Does America Have A Gun Problem?

Does America Have A Gun Problem?

March 29, 2019

We're back again from an unscheduled break. Getting right to it, this week is about guns and the issues surrounding gun ownership in America. This week it's Egil, Cory, Keith, and newcomer Peter (not to be confused with Pete). Thanks for tuning in and please share this podcast with everyone you know! And if you don't like this podcast, share it with people you hate! Cheers!

7:08 - Keith has a lot of guns. The Aussie solution/bans.
16:30 - Responsible ownership problem? Gun registrations.
29:03 - A culture problem?
40:45 - Can registry or responsibility prevent gun violence?
56:39 - Egil fails at reading Wikipedia for 5 minutes.
104:14 - Judicial, social media, mental health, and evolution rabbit holes.
1:25:00 - Almost cancelling the podcast, wrap up, and vintage John Oliver.
Dungeons and Dragons: Part 4

Dungeons and Dragons: Part 4

February 19, 2019

Hello and welcome back to episode four, and the last of our first live session, of dungeons and dragons, here, on Gap in Expertise.

We last left our heroes, Kvelduf, Tahr'eah, Camlous, and North, along with the dashing Captain Beltran, about to face off with a gaggle of orcs, closing in on the farmhouse. Although they are well rested from the previous battle, it did reveal some, gaps, in their fighting and teamwork. But perhaps with the valiant Beltran, our heroes will make waste of the orc scourge and resume their quest to Felshire.

Or maybe we'll just get more raspberry bushes.

Also stay tuned for the end for North's recap of our quest so far!

Workplace Formal Wear: Purpose, Equity, and History

Workplace Formal Wear: Purpose, Equity, and History

February 11, 2019

This weeks episode is all about fashion! Specifically the equity, or lack thereof, in the codifying and enforcement of formal wear in the workplace. Make it work! We get bogged down in a few case studies but as workplaces become more diverse and HR departments continue to bloat, you have to start the conversation somewhere. Is there a Netflix 5 second eye contact rule for clothes? Probably not, we sure as hell didn't find it. This week it's Kyle (sort of), Mike, Billy, and Egil! Thanks for listening!

3:12: The "perceived rules" of professional dress - two limited case studies.

8:29 - A shot of formal wear history.
14:02 - Kyle's corporate case study on male formal wear before his internet shat the bed.
18:08 - Unclear standards or unclear enforcement?
23:47 - What really is formal wear?
35:05 - Can we determine objective rules for workplace fashion?
46: 25 - We find solutions for Mike... and more misogyny clarification/apologetics!
52:28 - A polite request for feedback and other appropriate perspectives.

If you think we got something wrong or missed something, let us know and sound off on our social media pages or email! We will take the best submission and put you on a future BRIDGING THE GAP episode!

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