Gap in Expertise

Dungeons and Dragons: Part 7

August 18, 2019

As you can all probably tell, there's been a lack in content. I am working re-launching the podcast in the near future with something a bit more sustainable. We have one more "regular" podcast to release and until then, we still have a couple new episodes to the DnD saga. I'm primarily releasing them here at this point so we can remember what happened before we play again. If you've been enjoying them and following along, we will release what we have left here and will look to make a channel dedicated to our DnD. Or not, who knows, the world is a crazy place and I live next to a volcano sitting on a subduction plate ready to go.

Anyways, this episode is all about arguing, realizing that Tahr'eah hasn't been paying attention at all to the plot, and trying to lure out a single Orc with an illusion of a moist, but sickly dear.

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