Gap in Expertise

Dungeons And Dragons Part 9

December 10, 2019

Clearly GIE is on indefinite hiatus. Turns out people have jobs and families and can't always get online for two hours to argue about which LOTR film is best or whether Trump should be impeached. What we still have some time for is our continued DnD saga.

Quick update, our heroes are trapped in a down called Riverview and the King has sent his best soldier, The First Sword, to deal with the town. Riverview is locked down with all exits barred by soldiers, we pick up with The Legion of the Lost as they try to find their way out. 

Also, there were a lot of internet issues and one member in the game did not record their segment, so apologies for the occasional dead air. If it helps, just imagine someone talking about their skin flute and turning into more raspberry bushes.

I am, however, going to be relaunching the DnD episodes on a separate podcast in the future and will spend the next few months finding a new voice for Gap in Expertise.

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