Gap in Expertise

Dungeons and Dragons: Part 4

February 19, 2019

Hello and welcome back to episode four, and the last of our first live session, of dungeons and dragons, here, on Gap in Expertise.

We last left our heroes, Kvelduf, Tahr'eah, Camlous, and North, along with the dashing Captain Beltran, about to face off with a gaggle of orcs, closing in on the farmhouse. Although they are well rested from the previous battle, it did reveal some, gaps, in their fighting and teamwork. But perhaps with the valiant Beltran, our heroes will make waste of the orc scourge and resume their quest to Felshire.

Or maybe we'll just get more raspberry bushes.

Also stay tuned for the end for North's recap of our quest so far!

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