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Bridging the Gap: Episode I - Three Men Talk About Abortion

Bridging the Gap: Episode I - Three Men Talk About Abortion

January 24, 2019

Hello and welcome to our first "Bridging the Gap" episode! Along with our goal of podcasting "snapshots in civil conversation", we had another goal to get listeners of the podcast to contact us via the internets and participate in podcasts, revisiting topics they, the listener, thought we could do with some "bridging"...of our expertise. The goal of this was to hopefully show that given new evidence/perspectives/et ceteras, we on GIE would be able to demonstrate ego-less, flexibility in our own ideals.

This week we have our first BTG with a frequent contributor (still counts) Jess. We revisited, and refocused, the conversation on abortion. Towards the end we also discussed my anxiety for adopting two cats in a small studio apartment. This is a first episode, an experiment, and hopefully with your participation we will get better at whatever this is. Tell your friends!!!

Did we get something wrong? What are we missing? Let us know and sound off on our social media pages or email!

Dungeons and Dragons: Part 3

Dungeons and Dragons: Part 3

January 22, 2019

In Part 3 of this harrowing tail, we rejoin our heroes after they valiantly fought off a vicious, murderous pack of Wargs. While tending to their wounds, the survey the gruesome battle scene and further investigate the two abandoned wagons. With little ground covered since they left the in, they are no closer to uncovering the mysteries of the farmers errand. 

What surprises lay in wait for our fellowship? Will Kvelduf continue tolerating Camlous and his racists taunts? Will Tahr'eah get to flip back into the wagon? And will North finally upgrade his bedroll? All this and more on this weeks GIE!!!

Three Men Discuss Abortion

Three Men Discuss Abortion

January 17, 2019

By no demand whatsoever, GIE presents what probably no one was asking for: an in depth conversation about Roe V. Wade, Consciousness, personal responsibility, and religion as it applies to our country's current debate on abortion - without any female representation. What we're saying is, please spread the word on this podcast so we can not do this ever again. It was a pretty good debate though. Tell us what you think.

1:46 - Roe v. Wade v. Trump's Supreme Court. Abortion in the eyes of the law.

13:24 - When does life begin, Plan B, and personal responsibility.

23:47 - Kyle finally speaks! Also, fetus rights and more personal responsibility!

35:06 - The real reason we are talking about abortion today.

40:02 - Consciousness and policy

1:02:57 - Religion and policy.

1:09:52 - Wrap up, podcast update, Naruto, and send off.

Did we get something wrong? What are we missing? Let us know and sound off on our social media pages!

War Movie Tropes, Yeps, and Nopes

War Movie Tropes, Yeps, and Nopes

January 12, 2019

After a long holiday break, GIE is back with a podcast about war movies and television. We talk about the common (and sometimes overused) tropes in war films, the historical accuracy (and inaccuracy) of some films, but for some reason we couldn't stop debating about Tom Hanks. Oh well.

With two history scholars and one film major, there's no way in hell we can get anything wrong on this one right? Well if we do, please let us know on our Facebook and Instagram page so we can start gapping - :) - our expertise.

4:50 - Tangent #1: Casting issues with Ben Affleck, Tom Hanks, and Ewan McGregor

13:15 - And Peter Dinklage in Destiny

14:55 - WWII Flicks

25:07 - Black Hawk Down

38:54 - Tropes Through Generations

55:07 - American Revolution Films (or lack thereof)

1:11:22 - Guilty Pleasures and Wrap Up


Did we get something wrong? What are we missing? Let us know and sound off on our social media pages!

Shut It Down!!!

Shut It Down!!!

December 21, 2018

You'd be the baddest leader around, 'round, 'round
And they'd notice, they'd notice
You would shut it...

On the verge of a government shutdown over immigration reform, border control, and the big, beautiful wall, Gap in Expertise finally gets back to some debate following the hilarious/disastrous/sad meeting between Trump, Pelosi, and Schumer. 

In this episode Dave and Egil discuss the state of Trumps presidency currently, the legitimacy of the wall, and Trump's love of murderous tyrannical world leaders. As always...

Did we get something wrong? What are we missing? Let us know and sound off on our social media pages!

Dungeons and Dragons: Part 2

Dungeons and Dragons: Part 2

December 12, 2018

Last we left our intrepid heroes, they were heading west towards Felshire when they came across a grisly scene. While Camlous, Kveldulf, North, and Tahr'eah investigated the corpse ridden scene in the fading light, three monstrous Wargs emerged from the shadows. We begin this episode where we left off, as they meet the enemy head on... 

Cale and Egil’s Travel Companion

Cale and Egil’s Travel Companion

December 11, 2018

This week, Cale and Egil talk about their favorite places to travel in the US and abroad, all while being distracted and playing Red Dead Redemption 2 the entire time!

...scheduling has been an issue but we are redoubling efforts and hard hitting, controversial, meaty debates will be back soon. Until then, listen in for some fun stories and travel tips!

3:00 - USA!!!

11:30 - Cale looooves orcae

22:34 - Our favorite places to travel in the states

27:38 - Our favorite destinations abroad and initial travel anxieties

45:10 - Cale leaves and I stall for time

50:26 - Our #1 wishlist destination (and our least)

Dungeons and Dragons: Part 1

Dungeons and Dragons: Part 1

November 27, 2018

This week, Gap in Expertise plays Dungeons and Dragons! I know right?! It's about time. This is a long one so we've divided them into 4 parts. Below is the intro to our journey through Ossetia. Enjoy!

4:32: Intro to Ossetia (yes I pronounced it wrong in the intro)

8:32: Cresthaven Tavern

20:11: An Offer For Adventure

34:20: To Falshire!

53:50: Circling the Wagon

Welcome to Ossetia.  This continent is divided both my dangerous terrain and political powers.  The Arathi foothills bisect the continent in the south while the Kel’nia marsh lands divide it to the north.  To the east lay the blasted lands of the infernal expanse overrun with all manner of beasts and terrors;  to the northeast lies the unclaimed wilds of the Valenwood Forest.  A haven for those who choose to live a more uncivilized lifestyle. Our story however begins in western Ossetia. 

It is the year 828 PC post calamity.  This year marks the centennial of the final battle of the War of shadow.  100 long years ago War raged in the lands of the west.  A great host of orc, gnoll and demon spawn flooded forth from the infernal expanse, covering the lands of the west in a sea of carnage and destruction.  Under the direction of the great elven warrior Aldrith Othgard, the 5 nation states of the west forged an alliance to combat the unstoppable host.  This was known as the Othgard accord

Lead by Othgard and his Legion of the Sun, the 5 nations turned the tide of the war and eventually pushed the evil host eastward back through the Jordash passes and finally crushing them in one final blow on the plains of the infernal expanse itself.  Ending the war and ensuring all that was good and holy remained in the west

Following the end of the war, again at the direction of Othgard, a counsel of mages and wizards was formed.  Elected by the citizenry of the nations this group of learned men became known as the Counsel of the Moon.  Their first act ; to create the great floating city state of Skyhold the crown jewel of Western Ossetia

Under the Accord the nations are generally left to their own devices.  All are encouraged to live and govern as they did before the war.  The Legion and Counsel take only a small tithe of what you produce and earn. In exchange, the counsel acts as mediators or judges, settling land disputes and trade agreements, as well as sentencing those who break the laws. The legion acts as the peacekeepers;  Enforcing the laws, patrolling the borders and ensuring the roads are safe for travel and open trade.

The Accord has lead to a time of relative freedom and prosperity over the last century. However, tensions now brew between the nations.  Old rivalries and past bigotries forgotten during the war have taken root once again.  Rumors of military clashes at the borders of Ill’irion and Gervior as well as caravan raids as far west as Ju’Desh have many folk on edge.  Some say the Accord hangs by a thread and that civil war is inevitable.

Our story however begins much smaller. Here in the central nation of Allendor beyond the entrance to the Gulgarg valley lies the village of Cresthaven.  Nestled on the banks of a small branch of the Dellwine River, this small fishing village has enjoyed relative peace and freedom from the politics of Skyhold.  To its east and south acres of rolling hills of farmland. To the North the spattering of trees and ferns marking the beginning of the Birchbloom forest. The moonrise road cuts the village in half, leading westward towards Morrowdale, Falshire and eventually Skyhold itself. It is late afternoon and the sun sits in the sky to the west .  Fishermen and farmers bustle about the small market in the center of the village gathering their unsold wares and heading to their homes mostly dotted around the outskirts of Cresthaven. From the east you see two figures appear on the horizon. One towering over the other. They slowly stroll through town towards the largest building in the market square.  Above the sturdy door of the building a small sign lazily swings in the wind. It’s a picture of a young man asleep on a riverbank, a fishing pole thrown haphazardly next to him. As the figures approach the wooden door of the establishment the sound of laugher and music can be heard from within.

Sober September

Sober September

November 16, 2018

We're back!

First off a quick apology for the delay. I had a new work opportunity on the opposite coast and 2 weeks to get there, so my priorities shifted temporarily. But now that I have a bed and the internets, we are back!

This totally original idea for a podcast, in no way stolen or diluted from any other, is all about challenging ourselves to a month of cessation from the Devil's Drink. We also include some dietary changes during the month, all for the goal of improving our health and testing our will. The first half of this weeks podcast we give our reasons, metrics, and strategies for the upcoming month, and the second half we share our results. Enjoy!

Part One: 1:22

Part Two: 32:30

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